Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Thursday Morning

With Liz away in Pittsburgh we are somewhat short handed.
We are gettin' it done though.

The boss is fixing up the barn for winter, replacing stall dividers that the cows tore out, putting in windows etc. We fixed up the water hose too, where that idiot trespasser with the trailer tore holes in it. It wasn't leaking too bad for a while, but went completely south this weekend.

Frost last night, trucks are coated. I took the camera to the barn to try to take advantage of the incredible light. With the sun so low in the sky and sunrise so late it slants like a big spotlight, picking out all the subtle colors of the oaks, poplars and sumacs that still have leaves. I didn't get too many as I had to work...sigh....but I will look at them pretty soon and see if any are worth saving.

Cows are getting so shaggy. They do not look one bit like their elegant summer selves. Even Mandy is growing a thick warm coat. I hope this doesn't promise an extra cold winter, although if it killed off the darned ticks I would put up with it.


Linda said...

It's the same as here...shaggy coats, no flowers left, the green is pretty much gone and the water has a hard surface in the mornings.

DayPhoto said...

We have mud, some color still left on the trees, shaggy coats and ice on the puddles.

I think we made it to winter.


threecollie said...

Linda, I can't believe how fast they got hairy! Only a little ice on stuff so far, but soon...can you believe our diesel supplier wanted to fill our tank, but didn't have winter mix?!!!! We sent him on his way with a flea in his ear!

Linda B, It almost makes you look forward to the cold, just to dry up the mud!