Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Visiting the folks is always a great source of it. Becky bought this violin from her grandmother, who gave a short demonstration.
This instrument has tone and volume like you would never imagine. a note sounded from its strings made you feel as if you were in a concert hall.... I tried it at home and alas could only squeak.

Herkimer diamonds


And books, always books. We looked at several really cool ones........and that is not to mention all the wonderful love they hand out so freely. Sure was good to see them.


Dani said...

What wonderful treasures!

DayPhoto said...

I'll bet you really did play it well. You are musical I've seen photos that prove it.


Anonymous said...

It was good to see you all too. If you only got a squeek you probably didn't tighten the bow. You turn the little screw on the end. I am looking forward to pancakes with reeaall maple syrup!
Thanks so much for all you brought us. Love Mom and Dad

Linda said...

I can squeak out jingle bells on the fiddle but it scares the dogs and scars the cats so I don't. Nice!!

Cathy said...

This post fits my November mood.

Am antique violin, ancient rocks, a faded portrait . . .

and the family connections that sustain and nurture us through our own brief, beautiful passage.

Faithful said...

Warm and Wonderful Treasures, indeed!

threecollie said...

Dani, I love visiting them...not just for that reason of course.lol

Linda, I really squeaked. I wish I could get music out of it...what an instrument.

Mom, it was so nice! I came home with a happy on that is still glowing strong. And you are most welcome for the food stuff...glad we could bring it. Thank you for all the books. Ahhh.....Sunday is going to be good! Love you!

Linda, I really wish I could! When I heard the notes that that instrument is capable of producing I wanted to be able to bring that sound forth myself. Alas....

Cathy, lovely...you are right...I am fortunate in family and grateful for them all. And I grew up among such glorious things from other times and love them now.

Faithful, I need to visit a lot more often. I came home renewed in half a dozen wonderful ways.