Monday, November 22, 2010

Bears and Deers and Turkeys, Oh, My

There was a Department of Environmental Conservation check point up on the hill yesterday. In attendance were an assortment of deer on cars, deer that had been removed from cars, whether to confiscate them or age them or check them for something we have no idea, and the largest bear either of our folks had ever seen, hanging off both sides of another car.

And there were officers of the game laws.

Those officers signaled a certain someone to stop and roll down the window in the Durango.

And asked, "Do you have any deer in there?"

Our hero answered, "No sir, but I do have two turkeys."

The officer perked right up and inquired firmly, "And when and where did you get them?"

And Mr. Wise Guy announced proudly, "Just a few minutes ago in the freezer case at Hannaford."

See, Smarty Pants had been doing the Thanksgiving shopping with Becky.

Me, I don't make wise remarks to men with guns, but the boss just doesn't share my discretion.

The officer admitted, "I should have seen that one coming," and waved them on.

There were actually THREE turkeys in the car but only two were frozen......

***and I do know that the plural of deer is not deers...just a little local joke


Marcia said...

I haven't commented before but I read your blog daily and love it. Had to comment this am - you were my giggle for the morning! Thanks.

CTG Ponies said...

At least he's got a sense of humor! I don't think I would have joked with mens with guns either.

Woodswalker said...

Ha ha! That's pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Are you alking about there on 30A by the light for the Walmart warehouse? We thought they were looking for seat belts. There were a bunch of people stopped when we came home from Matts but I didn't see any deers or bearies.

Earl said...

Nice punch line, enjoy the birds.

DayPhoto said...

BWAHAHAH Love it! Great story!


Linda said...

Great post....I was a turkey once at the US border and got in BIG trouble trying to be funny:( Some people have NO sense of humor.

Cathy said...

This is so hilarious!

It'd be funny even if it were a fictional account, but your hubby is

Yeah. Three turkeys in the car.

I guess that makes 3 turkeys and ONE owl . . .

cause YOU are a HOOT!

Cathy said...

OK - I see that you weren't there for the turkey inspection.

You're still a hoot, though ;-)

threecollie said...

Marcia, thank you so much for all those things. I am glad you enjoyed the story and that you did comment. Comments make my day. You have a good one!

CTG, he does, but what a wise guy! lol

WW, thanks, I laughed my head off when he told me

Mom, Yes, that is the one. There was a lot of game there when Ralph and Beck went by Love you!

Earl, thanks, hope to. You have a great holiday

Linda, thanks, I couldn't believe that he did that, but it gave us a laugh

Linda P, thanks, now that is kind of scary. I hear they can be pretty unpleasant at those crossings. We used to go across now and then, but nowadays don't have much occasion to encounter them and now that you need a passport...Beck wants to visit Canada, but the whole passport thing makes it hard.

Cathy, usually he is kind of dour...I don't know what got into him...turkey anticipation maybe. lol...and yeah, I wasn't feeling so hot so I stayed home and let them shop. The man loves to shop and so does Beck.

Jan said...

My mind has always wanted to do this, but my mouth always says, "Yes, sir" and "No, sir."

threecollie said...

Jan, we are such a family of sarcastic wise guy types...and it does get us in trouble sometimes. lol

Ann Ward said...

I love it!