Thursday, December 09, 2010

Duck ID

Practicing up for the Christmas Bird Count. Here is a nice page of duck identification information. (I wonder if there will be any open water at all by the time the count rolls around!)


lisa said...

I wish Matt would of been able to go this year. Have fun.

joated said...

We'll be doing our count on the 18th and, based on the forecast for next week, there may not be any open water within our circle.

When is your count going on?

threecollie said...

Lisa, it is sure going to be different without either one of the boys...they, and you and your kids, make it fun...just a job this year, but we will get it done somehow.

Joated, wish ours was that soon! My brothers always go along and both of them are tied up when ours kicks off the 27th. Guess it will be just Alan and me...unless someone else volunteers to ride along and look for birdies. Good luck with yours anyhow...hopefully you will get some nice weather and some ooh ahh birds.

lisa said...

If you have the room or maybe we can take our truck, Kegan and I will come up and go.