Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ethanol Hurts

On one hand my car runs so badly on it, seems like all we do is buy dry gas.

On the other hand we are paying prices for concentrates (grain) for the cows that we would never even have imagined just a couple of years ago. Between the cost of feed and the high price of all kinds of fuels it is a daily struggle just to survive...a very discouraging struggle. I personally would like to see the government go out of the food for fuel business.

Here is a story about the issue with a lively discussion in the comments.


joated said...

Ethanol use in vehicle fuels is an abomination. It damages engines and yields lower mpg ratings at a time when the EPA is forcing higher mpg ratings upon the vehicle manufacturer. (A classic example of the left-hand, right-hand conundrum. That or typical bureaucratic workings.)

Add that it costs more of everything (transport, refining, fertilizing) to produce from a food crop like corn, and corn is the absolutely worst choice for an alternative fuel.

Michelle said...

I agree. Food for fuel was a nice thought but there is too much competition for the use of those grains. Human and animal consumption. I don't agree with GMO's either and thats what a lot of these plants are now.

DayPhoto said...

I wish the government would get out of EVERYTHING!!!!!


Jan said...

Add this to an ever growing list of what the government should never be doing.

Cathy said...

Just a big 'ditto' to everyone's comments above.

The article you linked to was depressing.

Damn idiots. I don't suppose those pencil pushers could have seen the effect ethanol mandates and subsidies would have on food and feed.


Well, here's hoping this insanity will be promptly laid to rest.

And I guess pigs can fly because I just read that the guy in congress who pushed the up-coming ban against incandescent bulbs is going to push to repeal that law.

I guess he heard the people.

About time.

threecollie said...

Joated, the stuff is terrible. I drive an older car and it runs so badly on the stuff...just a nightmare. And the three hundred dollars plus a ton for grain adds injury to insult so to speak. This is ugly now, but I think it is going to bite us even worse in the future.

Michelle, it is certainly contributing to the ongoing destruction of the dairy industry in a big way!

Linda, hear, hear, aren't they just supposed to take care of a few functions like protecting us from our enemies and such?

Jan, you got it!

Cathy, wow, I didn't see that about the light bulb thing. I surely hope it gets repealed...one of the stupidest, least defensible laws I have ever seen. We kept trying to stockpile some light bulbs but always ended up using them. lol