Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food Inflation

Yeah, spring will come and there will be daffodils....just not for a while yet

A top concern in the coming decade. Read number eight.
Interesting that someone finally noticed that we are running out of farmers.


DayPhoto said...

Yep! Every Sunday evening we watch RFD TV and they continue to talk about less and less available land for farming.


Linda said...

Sad isn't it. I love the daffy's, I could use some spring.

Cathy said...

"The days of cheap food in America are coming to an end . . "

I needed those daffodils because I
recently read the latest NASA prediction for sunspot numbers for solar cycle 24. They're revising down and down.

Doesn't bode well.

Maybe a decade out - but things are going to get cold.

We're going to need all the farmers and knowledge and skill and arable land and cheap energy we can manage . . .

NumberWise said...

Cathy, I agree with you. By the time there are empty spots on the grocery store shelves, it will be too late to correct those issues.

threecollie said...

Linda, I was kind of glad to see this in a more mainstream place than a farm publication, although that is where I read about the report

Linda P, same here! We were planning some garden stuff this morning while we were milking and just talking about it made me feel better. lol

Cathy, I wonder if anyone is listening. So many other countries have wasted their farmers, killed them outright or put them out of business in one way or another....they found them pretty hard to replace.

NW, ever since I have been involved in farming, we who grow the food have talked about those empty shelves, but they seemed a distant unreality. I wonder if they are actually coming closer. I have no doubt that, left to themselves, without stupid regulations like the EPA dust business, our farmers can grow whatever is needed. But between crippling regulations, taxes, and activists, can they continue? Maybe not.