Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ladies Who Lay

Can't Complain much about the weather...cold and blustery here, but we are warmer and have lots less snow than many of our friends to the west and north. Thus we will keep our whining confined to the kitchen when we are layering on the wool socks and vests and over shirts, because compared to Alberta and SoDak we have nothing to whine about....but it is still miserable to get dressed for the weather we do have.

Once you actually get out in it, it isn't all that bad. Kinda nice this morning really, after the sun came up. I caught the idiot rooster WD yesterday and put him in the coop. The head guy immediately started pounding on him, but I think he will be okay.

Found the first egg of the year when I went out to feed yesterday. Delighted that the ladies decided to start to lay. We only have four hens, but eggs are most welcome.

The lonesome and amazingly tame white-crowned sparrow is still showing up at the feeders. Today he brought three friends. One of them is quite inventive and figured out how to get its great big self balanced on the tube feeder while snatching a seed. Pretty funny to watch.

Once again I am having computer difficulties, so posts might be late or absent, and comments answered more sporadically than I like...please bear with me, I am trying to get things straightened out.


DayPhoto said...

The horrible pecking order of chickens.. and esp. roosters. Ugh! They so remind me of people in office settings.


Woodswalker said...

What a thing of beauty is an egg! And you have captured that beauty splendidly.

Cathy said...

Woodwalker said it. A beautiful capture of of a beautiful creation.

Now FOUR white-crowned sparrow!?

Lucky you if they stay and sing their poor Sam Peabody for you :-)

threecollie said...

Linda, they are the meanest things aren't they? these three are brothers, but they don't recognize WD any more. Still he is going to get eaten if I leave him out. lol at offices...yeah

WW, thanks, I love getting eggs, like treasure! I hope we can get a few more chickens come warm weather. been enjoying your wonderful winter shots on your blog. Great work!

Cathy, thanks, we are enjoying them!