Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guess Who's Not Going to the Farm Show

Again this year? Yeah, the boss and I are staying home; kids are going. I love to go but there is just too much to do here. All that snow yesterday on top of the usual run of daily disaster. The situation is normal.......snarled beyond untangling.

I hope the kids bring me home some samples and good reading material.


Linda said...

Guess who's not going to the bull sale on Wednesday either :(

Anonymous said...

free pens, free seeds, anything thats free is for me!

threecollie said...

Linda, sometimes I get tired of being in charge of the home fires. Guess there was a God awful crowd yesterday though because of the storm Friday. Prolly wouldn't have been able to talk to many salesmen anyhow....once I even get them to notice a woman farmer. They are always looking over my shoulder for my man. Meanwhile we always split up...girls together to hit the animal supply dealers, men to the machinery. Then everybody leaves happy.

Anon you betcha! I got some samples of a rumen probiotic two years ago that was so good we spent quite some time finding an actual source so we could BUY it. Great stuff! Ruminators is the name of it by the way. Alas no seeds or pens for me this year, although Alan did buy some hitch pins at the 4-H booth.