Friday, February 04, 2011

Pumpkin Growers Smarter than EPA

Equal in the eyes of the EPA

(Which, I am sure comes as no surprise to you.)

Many of the folks who grow giant pumpkins fertilize them with milk. I often bring milk that can't be sold, such as milk from a cow that just had a calf, over to the garden to feed to my assorted squashes. There are those who poo-poo the idea, but it works for me and some pumpkin producers swear by it.

And there have been numerous milk spills in this dairy-rich region, when milk tankers were involved in traffic mishaps.

You wanna know something amazing? No harm was done. Milk is pretty innocuous stuff.

And staggeringly enough, you can actually drink milk (gasp).

However, the EPA in its infinite wisdom figures that milk fits right in with motor oil and diesel fuel in the pollution department.

Yeah, really.

I can gulp down a fresh, foaming, ice-cold glass of milk with some homemade applesauce cookies, and, after much enjoying the experience, live and thrive.

Yet it appears that the EPA thinks milk is the equivalent of some nice, tasty, 10W-30.

Read about in this excellent column by Thomas Sowell.

I have to thank Cathy for the heads up about this issue. Not long ago we were led to believe that the whole milk-as-toxic-waste issue had died a natural death. Alas it appears that legislation by regulation by activist appointee is alive and well and totally devoid of commonsense as usual.


joated said...

"...and totally devoid of commonsense as usual."

Seems to be an awful lot of that coming from the EPA recently. Time for them to rethink their purpose and refocus on real problems.

Rev. Paul said...

The EPA, like the ATF, is an organization totally without purpose. What Congress SHOULD do is de-fund them.

Jan said...

I always wonder do they hire people devoid of common sense or do we then pay for workshops to train them?

Cathy said...

Jan asked why they place people in authority who have no common sense.

I fear the answer is a little sinister.

They are zealots. It is the pure Utopian ideal they long for.

If there's a little pain and carnage as they implement the perfect regulations and social engineering that will save the planet from the likes of us . .
well, where's the harm.

CO2 (essential to photosynthesis) is a pollutant.

Milk is a pollutant.

But, really, that's not much of a stretch, when with the exception of their elitists' selves, mankind ia a pollutant.

threecollie said...

joated, I think the organization has become so bloated with agenda-driven zealots that it just fires off in any direction without any consideration for consequences.

Rev. Paul, hear, hear! To me this is the craziest thing so far in a long list of bizarre and damaging regulations coming out of the EPA

Jan, lately I think we have folks in high places with an anti-commerce and anti-independent thinking agenda. Who better for them to attack than farmers?

Cathy, I absolutely agree with you. We need look no further than dust regulations that will prevent tillage and harvest in many western states or the government dust bowl in California to see that they don't care who gets hurt along the way to whatever it is they are pursuing.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Ridiculous, maybe they should read this article.

Alex Polikowsky said...

I just read about this and I am shaking my head in disbelief!
So should we call the Hazardous Materials Clean Up Crew when a cow's udder is leaking!!!!!!!!!!!

threecollie said...

Nita, thank you so much for the link. It very strongly makes the point that the E PEE A is full of something and it ain't the milk of human kindness.

Alex, welcome to Northview. Thanks so much for visiting and taking time to comment. I thought this issue had been laid to rest last year and now they are bringing it up again. It is hard to even know how to react to something so bizarre.