Thursday, February 10, 2011


There were many yesterday. (Most of these photos were taken at the full extent of every bit of digital and optical zoom I could come up with so they aren't the greatest.)

One visitor left while I was running for the camera. He or she was right up at the edge of the lawn. I saw large, fuzzy ears between the branches of a clump of box elders. I was doing the dishes....and looking out the window over the sink. The ears twitched back and forth in a display of great alertness. At first I thought I was seeing a very short deer.

However then the critter moved out into the open, its thick, puffy tail so heavy with fur that it looked like an effort to hold it up out of the snow.

A red fox with the plushest fur I have ever seen, hunting in broad daylight. He kept looking up the little box elders and sniffing the bark. Wonder what he was finding there.


Linda said...

Cute face! Looks like mine.....wrinkled but I stilll have all my teeth.

Cathy said...

Linda's a hoot!

And she's right. That's an adorable face. :-)

Amazing to get to see a fox.
I'll bet he'd like to meet up with that turkey.

Teri Conroy said...

We've not seen many here and watch for tracks quite a bit. Mostly turkey, a couple deer, and a rabbit or two. Usually there's a lot of coyote, but not this year. I dare the fox to show, although I wouldn't shoot it with a camera.

Dani said...

How cool to see a fox! They're such beautiful creatures.

lisa said...

I wish we could see a little more of those critters but we live to close to the road. I love the face! Linda sure had me smilen with that comment of hers!

threecollie said...

LInda, thanks, it is an apple with seeds for eyes and popcorn for teeth

Cathy, she is exactly. The turkeys are hanging right here by the house and you are probably right that that is why he is here too

Teri, I thought of you when I saw him, about fifty feet from my hen house.

Dani, this one was indeed a beauty. Hope he stays out of the hen house

Lisa, yeah, me too. I had this withered up old Congrats on getting into college!