Saturday, February 19, 2011


This cold weather seemed so far away.

Now it looks as though it's back to say.

So relieved by yesterday........

Yeah, it was sixty yesterday and I didn't care a crumb whether it was anthropocentric global warming, a delayed January thaw, or just a fluke. It was wonderful. Went outdoors in the mud luscious and puddle wonderful as often as I could.

We have all been moaning and groaning about how hard it is to get anything energy...just want to crash and burn all the time.

I can tell you now it is weather-related. A few hours of warm and sunny and the work almost (but not quite) did itself. Had a lovely phone call from the boss's dear aunt, who is just a huge favorite of mine, which added a certain special something. She is such a sweet person.

Back to cold with wind, but the nice weather was a reminder that better days are coming......and I don't think I smell like a pea cock any more, but maybe I have just gotten used to it.


Anonymous said...

i like your first 3 lines...well not really, but you put a smile on my face, i thought we were gonna blow away during the night :(

joated said...

It was glorious, wasn't it? Sadly--or perhaps predictable--we've gone back into the cold. But there was a promise made--and a sample produced--of better times. Can't wait!

Cathy said...


"A few hours of warm and sunny and the work almost (but not quite) did itself"

I got more done yesterday than I have all winter.

And you're right! No matter what it throws at us now - in our hearts - we believe!

(Great opening lines . . had to hum 'um:0)

lisa said...

You sure can't tell it was in the high 50's yesterday that is for sure. Its always lovely to get nice calls like that!

NumberWise said...

Yesterday I laughed - and I almost died of shock. I haven't heard me laugh for weeks. And, yes, I got a lot done also - including a ride out over the hills with the top down. It's reassuring that I still have a spirit that can be revived.

You have a great gift of being able to put into words what I'm experiencing, or concerned about, or seeing. Your posts enrich and expand my understanding of my own life.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program of snow, clouds, and wind.

threecollie said...

Anon, it was fierce wasn't it! And it really hasn't let up.

joated, it was wonderful. I can't wait either...looking for blackbirds and such every day. Nothing so far

Cathy, alas yesterday I was right back to having to force myself to move faster than a snail

Lisa, I love it when she calls! She reminds me so much of her sister whom I miss so much

NW, thank you for your kind words. This has been a funny winter. We haven't had a ridiculous amount of snow. No blizzards. Nothing eventful really. And yet it has seemed like a life sentence of misery. I am so ready for it to start to break. I don't know about you buy my spirits seem to rise with the maple sap and I am ready for that rising! Looking forward to seeing you!