Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Read a Lot of Interesting Things

Sorry about the general messiness in this photo.
Definitely time for spring clean up.
Alan took this with his phone from the top of the grain bin.

I don't know if you would be interested too, but here is a link to a story about dairy colostrum enhancing athletic performance. Heavens! We save some for the calves, but dump a lot of it right out.

And a fifth of Chinese dairies may close. It wasn't too many years ago when a lot of Holsteins from NY were exported to Chinese buyers and there was a lot of hoopla about it. I thought then that we might be shooting ourselves in the foot competition wise, but I never imagined the mess with melamine being mixed with milk to raise protein levels. Sure is nasty. Hydrolyzed leather protein is even worse.


June said...

That looks positively medieval.

lisa said...

I was wondering how that picture was taken ;) Just think you won't have to look at that mess for a couple of days!

Linda said...

Nice to see your layout at least.

Maybe there's diversification in this for man's junk is another man's treasure;)

NumberWise said...

Now that's Mud-with-a-capital-M! Your daily chores, and just getting to the barns, must be really difficult. Although the forecast snow may cover up some of it visually, I'm thinking that 8-10" of snow and warmish temperatures are going to turn that into a huge sea of mud! Take care - and don't lose any boots.

alan said...

gotta love how it comes out blue lol

Jan said...

How can we have "faith" in the Chinese government to restore faith in anything?

Cathy said...

Ah! So there's the mud season we townies have only herd of :0)

threecollie said...

June, and mudeval too. lol

Lisa, nope, all whited out

Linda, mud and bushes. That's us.

NW, it actually was drying up and looking pretty good for a couple of days there...alas

alan, it is pretty cool

Jan, um, some folks seem to have forgotten the whole pet food thing

Cathy, oh, that is just a little was mostly dried up. Snowing now; there will be lots and lots more when it melts. You should see my kitchen really, you probably shouldn't see my kitchen floor. I need a mud room