Tuesday, March 01, 2011

National Pancake Day

We love pancakes!

Every now and then someone goes in early from chores to make a stack for supper. When we have sausage from our own pigs, maple syrup from our trees, (or homemade apple, grape or strawberry jam if you prefer) plus real butter, a glass of cold, fresh milk ....well, it is a feast of fine proportions I can tell you!

And every bite was produced on a farm. (Many of the bites right here on our farm). The local Farm Bureau has a program called, "What is a pancake?" wherein hard-working folks visit area schools to cook up pancakes and maple syrup for the children, while teaching them how each product involved is grown and harvested on farms. I think they do a fantastic job of showing how food isn't made in the back room at the grocery store.

***The photos were taken in our maple woods which are tapped by Mr. Savage from Johnstown. (We have a real nice barter deal, wherein he taps the trees and gives us syrup when he is done each year.) Word is that the sap has been running in some places, although we haven't seen any sapcicles yet. Everywhere you drive folks are out in the sugar bushes though, getting everything clean and ready to go


joated said...

That school program sounds like a wonderful idea.

lisa said...

Great post! Sure sounds good for supper again. We had pancakes a couple of weeks ago for supper, I think I need to do it again.

CTG Ponies said...

Very cool!

DayPhoto said...

We have a lovely BIG jug of New York State Maple Syrup in our frig right now...perfect on waffles and pancakes.


Cathy said...

The beauty of all this is that your family can partake of the pancakes, syrup and sausage and not gain a pound :0)

We sedentary folks read the words and start expanding.

I love these pictures. They give me hope.

Linda said...

I love maple syrup too although ours is Canadian;)

Mappy said...

pancakes tonight!!!!!!link sausage!!!! mmmm,mmmmmm, Goood!!!!!!

Paul said...

Where'd the buckets go? I have never seen such a method of collecting sap. Very interesting.

threecollie said...

Joated, I much admire the folks who do it. They try to hit every single school district on our county and several in nearby counties, a tremendous amount of time and work. I'll bet the kids remember the wheat farms and sugar trees though after they eat those lovely pancakes.

Lisa, we had 'em last night. And the boss cooked them. He makes great pancakes! Who knew?

CTG, I love maple season (except for the freezing cold part)

Linda, that is great! Love the stuff!

Cathy, oh, how I wish. lol. The guys can eat an ox with all the trimmings and get up and go back to work without a groan or a gain. Not so much us wimmens.

Linda, great stuff!

Mappy, had ours with bacon, but wait until I tell you about the butter Ken gave us. If you can find it I'll bet you are going to want to buy some. Wow!

Paul, many folks still use buckets, but the tubing is the way most of the big producers go. They set old milk tanks down at the bottom of the hill (or use pumps in some places) and let the sap come to them. Sugaring is big business here in the Northeast and I guess tubing made it a lot more efficient. Sure tastes good. lol