Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Strange Cotton

Some of Dad's woodcarvings

And Easter egg pastels. That is how it looked here yesterday. The sky was sometimes pink and glowing like an opalescent pearl. Then it would turn soft, shining blue and silvery grey. Kinda like an old-fashioned post card only more treacherous. Yeah, I know its still winter...yeah, yeah, and the weather still knows it too. Our snow was about all gone. It is about all back.

Normally when snow coats the branches it blows right off in the first puff of wind. However, the Sunday/Monday storm left a coating of ice first, then painted on the the fluffy, sticky snow. It hung and clung. Last night after chores it was still clinging to every twig and branch and piled in every connection between or among them. It was pretty. I admired it. Now it can melt.

The boss couldn't even get to the ag bag to get out feed. So much snow. So deep, so soggy, so sucking of the skid steer right into piles of it. They fed dry hay instead, which is fine with the cows, but hard on the supply.

Computer is still toasted. I think it is something fairly simple and probably has to do with Zone Alarm fire wall, which sometimes goes rogue just because it can. I tinkered with it yesterday off and on all day, to no particular avail, although I did manage to run a virus scan. Which didn't find anything. If you know any handy, dandy hackers or geeks......

Meanwhile, I can't take photos off the camera, so these are what was hanging around on this computer.


lisa said...

That sure stinks but you are awful good with the words and they sure will make up for the lack of photos!

Keith Wilson said...

I used to use Zone Alarm.
Now I use AVG (it's free!)
My son is an astro-physicist and my nephew is a computer expert for the military, and they both use AVG.
Just a suggestion.

Forget the snow - spring is coming and even the hills of NY can't stop it. Birds are migrating in, daylight savings is almost here, and our bulbs are shooting up.
Yep - spring is HERE.

p.s. Love the carvings.

Cathy said...

How I enjoy your writing. Visual. Not fussy. Funny and weighty all at once. And then there are those TC sky/weather descriptions. I'm right there with Lisa.
How do you work as you do and manage to pull off a post like this?

Pretty extraordinary bunch. I mean - look at your dad's work.

That's just remarkable. Wow :0)

Linda said...

I hope you get it figured out. Try and stay warm and dry......they tell me spring IS coming.....sometime.

threecollie said...

lisa, thanks! I got some uploaded on here using the software that microsoft sends with the computer. Not the greatest, but better than none I guess.

Keith, thanks! I actually used AVG too until the 2011 update, which caused a lot of problems because of its sheer size. I have ZA and Avast antivirus, which was working pretty good until the storm. I am thinking that old age is bogging it down. Heard the first red winged blackbird today and saw three grackles. Hate the darned nest robbing grackles the rest of the year but I sure do like to see the first ones in the spring.

Cathy, you are so nice. You just make my day. Thank you.

LInda, I hope so too. A lot of photos on there, some backed up, some not so much. Plus I miss it. My favorite toy. lol Thanks.