Friday, April 01, 2011

April Foolishness

A bazillion and twelve geese on Summit Lake
Photos do not do justice to the numbers

The boss left early, Alan is at school, everybody else has to work and TWO cows are calving simultaneously. One of them always a milk fever problem. Eating breakfast while I give them time to settle down, then off to the barn.


Teri said...

I just heard about milk fever recently. Hoping it doesn't happen, and congrats on the new ones coming!

Anonymous said...

You could have photographed the same, or more geese and ducks and brants on Montgomery Lake yesterday. They were all over the back field and little puddle in droves. You should have heard the squawking! I thought a pair of mallards were frozen in the ice and was thinking about rescuing them when they moved away. Love Mom

DayPhoto said...

May a warming wind and balamy days happen to you soon. You deserve it!


Linda said...

Sounds like a spring day to me.....geese and calving cows;)

threecollie said...

Teri, not a fun adventure, but we are getting better at heading it off at the pass. Sure was fun getting Cider calved and doctored on though. The cow next to her, Zinnia, who is a giant in a very large tie stall was in heat. She stepped on us. She stepped on Cider. We put her outdoors and she started tearing down the sawdust shed to get at the heifers in there. Yowsa! I was wishing for men.

Mom, I hope you photographed them!! Would have loved to see the Brants. I am pretty sure I have seen them flying over, but I need them for my life list. Love you too!

Linda, it was! Spitting snow and snarling rain, but birds everywhere.