Friday, May 20, 2011

Green Day

Look What they found in the back of the barn

Had one yesterday. After all my moaning yesterday morning, we had at least ten hours with no rain and the sun came out. Yay!

So I ran around digging and planting and playing in the dirt and overdid it and crashed like a baby after chores last night (would have loved to crash BEFORE chores, but alas....)

We finally sat down to supper around nine and by the time we were done eating it was sluicing down again. I was using a plastic sled to haul tubs of plants around yesterday and it is half full of water, at least an inch, this morning....

Oh, well, it was perfect for rinsing off my bare feet after I chased the stupid chickens off the freshly worked garden dirt at five-thirty this morning.

Speaking of the chickens. Next Amish auction they are leaving us. Except for Laura and possibly Crooked Leg that is. CL had a nest full of ready-to-hatch eggs in the horse saw her pic a couple of weeks ago. Those witches and their boy friends chased her off day before yesterday and ate all the chickies right up out of the eggs. Becky caught them at it, too late to stop the carnage.

The kids are doing over the back of the horse barn, building a ten by something or other stall for a horse Liz got last year. We really didn't have feed for him so she boarded him up near where she lives...full board...and he lost so much weight under the "care" of the people there that he looked pretty awful when she pulled him out. (He is about 27 years old.)

So she moved him to a place with a lot of pasture and he was getting most of his weight back and looking better when she started having trouble with some neighbor folks. I won't go into detail, but can we just say, unreasonable and unfair? Poor old man.

So finally the boss relented and said she could bring him here as long as she buys feed for him.

If the kids want to do the work there is a pretty big field with a lot of grass that we are not using. Just needs fence. There is a run in shed and everything. We used to run heifers there and then the old horses when they were alive. However, it is right near houses in the village so we don't risk putting cattle over there any more and it is pretty much too hilly to be worth working. However, if they want to get the fence back up one old horse would be in hog heaven with all that greenery.

And there you have it, all the news that's fit to print. (Oh, and Dani, I am going to plant sweet peas this morning if the rain lets up! Thanks!)


Susan said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your brood. Strange people those chickens are, not very nice sometimes :(

Linda said...

Chicken politics can be mean (maybe not as mean as people politics thought). Allan looks like he's having fun. I love your Oriole pic's.....we have a pair here this year.....the first ones I can ever remember.

Cathy said...

You are sure having a great bird year. Can't imagine the delight of being able to move around those gorgeous birds and not have them mind.

However . . . that's pretty creepy about those chickens. Poor ol' CL.

Ya gotta a love a man that hasn't lost the boy's delight in yesteryear's conveyances :-)

threecollie said...

Susan, thanks, I sure am not happy with those darned birds!

Linda, aren't they something? She had them just about ready to hatch...and thanks for your kind words. they are bringing me such joy!

Cathy, we are! And the tameness is just amazing. They do not seem to mind me much at all.
Isn't he funny? That trike traveled many a mile back in the day...I had forgotten that we even had it until I saw him riding it around the yard with no handlebars.