Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fly by Wire

Caterpillar for hire. Ag bag plot, the hay unloading spot, logs in the crick, not a road to get a stick, all wrecked by a season's worth of rain.

Can't farm again, until it all gets fixed, so it's getting fixed quick.

By that college boy with a great big toy, bulldozing in the rain,

Then ending up his welding on a job for other folks, but he's happy just the same

Hell, yeah.

.......Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Liz out with a truck full of hay, and Beck stuck down at McDonald's again.

In the rain

Always rain....

The boss is gone, everybody's on the phone. And, me, yeah, me, I just answer it....

All day

I think by the time that we order in Chinese we have earned it

Each and all of us.



Mappy said...

Love This !!!!!

joated said...

Jeez. I hope for all your sakes the sun comes out and stays out for a week. But looking at the forecast....

Dani said...

WTH?!? Y'all are gonna need an ark if this keeps up.

Linda said...

Hope you get everything do deserve take-out!

Jeff said...

What a mess! Glad to here that things are getting fixed- no matter what you always have the best way of describing things, makes me smile. Thanks!

lisa said...

Great post! I would of had take out too!

Ericka said...

love the description, hate the situation. wish i could send our sun your way, you need it more than we do right now.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem!

Verification word is yackfu, I kid you not! ;-)

threecollie said...

Mappy, thank you! I love you too and I already miss you!

joated, sure was nice today and thank you

Dani, yeah an ark might be good at that.

Linda, thanks, it sure was good!

Jeff, thanks, I know you understand being in the same line of work. Hope things go better for you too.

Lisa, thanks! I love Chinese and it was a huge treat.

Ericka, thank you! Today was a keeper at least, really, really nice.

JB, thank you! It amazes me how fitting some of the word verifications are.