Thursday, July 14, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Phoebe watching for insects.
They nested right under the eaves of our bedroom window.
It has been fun to watch the babies peering down at me while I hang out the laundry.

Right up there center stage here at the farm...the boss finally finished planting the Sudex. What a wet year! Now they can get serious about finishing up the hay.

Alan I and I got the barn all cleaned, every corner scraped and swept. Makes it a nicer place to work.

The car is back from its inspection ordeal. It is an older car and it is always a delightful surprise when it passes.

Farm Side deadline was met. We ran into someone who reads it and to my surprise, also reads this, and had a very nice conversation. I do love surprises like that.

Fishing licenses are now in hand. Alan has a lifetime, but Beck and I bought 7-days. What with my ankle and her job we probably will only fish camp week anyhow and they raised all the fees a lot. I will be debating whether I will get a sportsman's this fall. I don't hunt that much any more, but I can get a resident doe tag. However, the new fees are pretty bad.

Alan received the most wonderful college graduation gift a kid could imagine. A shiny new Henry 22 rifle. He has always wanted a Henry and is a very happy young man.

All in all a pretty nice day until chore time. Then, behind the scenes, the Case 4490 developed electrical problems and refused to work. Couldn't chop for the cows, so Alan spent most of milking toting baled hay out for them. The heifers broke an overhead waterline after the parts stores are all closed. The electric fence quit. Actually both of them did, but one is an easy fix. A windstorm popped up suddenly and blew out a big attic window showering the yard with glass and requiring a major clean-up which made milking late.

We should have shut the day clock off at four is all I can say. Guess today will be fixit day.


Linda said...

Yes it sure would be nice to shut some days off wouldn't it!?!

joated said...

Oy! Whenever I feel everything is going jsut peachy-keen, the sound of that other shoe dropping interrupts my reverie.

Linda said...

It seems when something starts going down hill it takes it awhile to get everything else that is going with it to finish up and stop.

Sorry, darn it!


threecollie said...

LInda, yep, this one could have ended on a much nicer note if we quit at 4

Joated, isn't that how it always is? Good times are almost scary. lol

Linda, that is so true and yesterday afternoon was a prime example