Friday, July 29, 2011

You Can Imagine My Chagrin

When the White House, while supposedly engaged in negotiations that could make or break our already creaking and trembling nation, thought it appropriate to Rick roll Twitter

And I ended up with this going through my head.

Dang! So glad they have a sense of humor.

*******Too bad that is the only sense they have.


Dani said...


For some reason your puppy comment on FB isn't showing up. Saw it in my email though. :)

This time next year we'll have some beautiful puppies in the house. I think you might need one.

lisa said...

Good one!

threecollie said...

Dani, oh, how I love your beautiful dogs! And I am in the puppy market. I know I wouldn't have the discipline for grooming though. Otherwise standard poodles are among my favorite dogs, so smart and fun!

Lisa, thanks. lol

Linda said...