Monday, August 01, 2011

Foundation for the Future 2

The more I read about this program the less I understand it and emphatically the less I like it. Seems as if Kozak is assuming there is a consensus among farmers that this is a good program. That is very much not the case. Have yet to meet a singe well-informed farmer who wants any part of it.

Still no on/off switches on cows, to help us through the supply management periods, when we either produce less milk, or just don't get paid for it.....(dang it, if there were on/off switches weekends would be a lot happier around here!) And if folks just kill cows when supply management kicks in...well, I'll bet that will go over big with beef growers, not to mention how the cows will feel about it.

And I flat love the idea of sending money to the Treasury.


Jeff said...

I love this picture!

Cathy said...

Honestly. Liberty is just a word we stamp on coins to commemorate some troublesome founding principle.

I got to the last exchange in that interview:

"Could we get along without the government being involved?

KOZAK: You couldn’t get an agreement to get the government completely out of our business at the moment. The politicians themselves wouldn’t allow it." PD

Jinglebob said...

The last time there was a dairy buy out it screwed up the beef cattle trade because people THOUGHT there would be a huge impact. there wasn't, but peoples perceptions run the market in cattle.

Cathy said...

And truly, I don't understand these issues enough to even attempt to wade in . . . Just seems like everything is regulated to the point of absurdity.

Linda said...

...just read about the Project 21 on yesterday's Blaze. Did you read it? About how farmers and anyone working on farms that drive equipment will have to have a CDL license? Outrageous! Also have to do all the same log keeping etc. that truckers have to do! Farm Bureau is fighting this.

I'm so sick of the people in government....


threecollie said...

Thanks, Jeff, it is an oldie...that is Bama Breeze, one of my favorite cows now.

Cathy, this appalls me on so many levels. Far from asking farmers if this is what they want they are just going around the country trying to sell it to them. Horrible

JB, this is a crazy thing, where if there is a "surplus" of milk...and for the most part the surpluses are invented in offices...they simply will not pay for a percentage of milk over a part of previous months' production. What will they do with the cows......I wonder

Cathy, I live it every day and can barely understand it...and this was supposed to simplify things.

Linda, did read it and was aware of it from our area Farm Bureau. FB is fighting it hard and I hope they win. You should read up on that Agenda 21 if you haven't already. World gov't run by the UN. It would curdle fresh milk I'll tell you.