Friday, September 02, 2011

The Fog Comes In

And no little cat feet about it. More like a sensation of cold, wet, fish strapped all over your body...of breathing through a soggy, slightly moldy blanket. It seeps right into the house....Erk.

It rained hard again yesterday, not helpful in any way.

We turned the cows into a new field though, and of course they didn't really want to come back out. All that lush, delicious grass you know.

So the boss and I hiked up to call least they didn't make us go into the field with them... Anyhow as we walked along, a great whirling flock of bobolinks rose up...the most I have ever seen in one place at one time. It was pretty cool.

They kept us company while we stood in the lane and hollered for cows and it was pretty nice. Even if is was a not so welcome harbinger of what is coming and soon......


Cathy said...

Not too soon! Oh please,please, please . .
not too soon :(

But come it will and we'll make our peace with it.

Meanwhile: you've got BOBOLINKS !!!!

I haven't seen ONE in years.


Terry and Linda said...

Our birds are leaving. Makes me ever so sad to see the summer birds go. The Barn Swallows left August 31st...I actually saw them leave. I waved, they didn't see me so intent were they on the trip.



June said...

I can't believe you still have bobolinks! Ours leave as soon as the babies can be packed up and flown out.
I wish I were still hearing them!

threecollie said...

Cathy, it sure is too soon to me. It is like it winged in along with Irene. I only saw a few all summer, but they must be grouping up to migrate because 200 would be a conservative estimate...all in winter plumage. It made me happy to see them all.

Linda, ours are just slipping away and those that are left are almost silent. No indigo bunting singing all day. No robins. At the least the rubber band girls, the hummingbirds are still with us and tamer than ever. They make my days!