Thursday, September 01, 2011


But heroes just the same.

The boss just spent a few minutes chatting with our milk truck driver while he was picking up the milk. He, his boss who is the owner of the trucking company, (a really sweet guy), and all the other drivers...and no doubt dozens of guys from other companies...have been going through H-E-Double Hockey Sticks getting to farms to pick up milk.

If the trucks can't get in, even if the farmers have generators and power to milk the cows (not to mention still having barns and cows, which many don't) then the bulk tanks fill up and have to be emptied somehow....usually by dumping milk. Having dumped milk when our market got mixed up a couple years ago, I know how painful that can be. It takes a lot of work to grow and harvest feed and grow cows and then feed the cows to produce the milk. Not much fun to watch the fruit of all that labor swirling down the drain.

Add to that the fact that some of the plants that take milk have closed temporarily due to the flood and you have a nightmare.

The owner of the company that hauls our milk just spent three hours just getting to two close together farms marooned by flood waters. One of his drivers drove all night to get to an alternate plant to offload milk. They have been having trouble even getting home at night when they are done.

Thankfully, these men know every back road, short cut, long way and detour in this part of upstate NY. If there is a way to get where they need to go, they will find it.

My hat is off to them. Thanks, Dale, and John, and all you other guys, you know who you are, who are working so hard to get our product to market. It means a lot.


joated said...

Let's hope, for everyone's sake things get back to reasonable soon. ("Normal" is apparently going to be a different kettle of fish.)

Everyone forgets the little things that have to be done. These drivers are, indeed, doing yoeman's work. Good for them and their boss for their unsparing efforts.

Cathy said...

It's men like these fellas - not ivory tower academics - who make our world work.

Without their skill and hard work - all the daily comforts we take for granted - food, clean water, electricity, working plumbing and highways - wouldn't exist.

threecollie said...

Joated, not much normal this summer for some reason. I always appreciate these guys. they work every holiday and every weather situation no matter what. It is amazing what they will go through to pick up milk

Cathy, I should point out their efforts to somebody like Mike Rowe.....

Terry and Linda said...

Everyone forgets what the other guy has to go through. This is a very well done post.

I also enjoyed what your Momma wrote to you on your blog post of 60 years!


threecollie said...

Linda, thank you! My mama is one amazing lady. Wish you could meet her. Married sixty years and she is on Facebook every day!