Thursday, May 10, 2012


Right now we are using two pastures although we will soon open a third. The girls go to the old cow pasture in the day time and the heifer pasture at night.

They have been doing this since the men got the cow pasture fence finished.

Now, even if given the choice to travel to the larger, grassier, shadier and all around nicer cow pasture at night, they will not go without a fight.

The other night when the girls were bringing Velvet down, we had planned on putting them in the day field at night, so they wouldn't stomp the poor little critter any further into the swamp.

They had other thoughts and as soon as the gate was opened they charged up the lane to their accustomed night time accommodations.

Then the boss forgot to close the gate to the day field last night, so when we turned out, the cows could have chosen to go that way, while the heifer field gate was shut. 

They were so eager to get into the heifer pasture that I had to jump out of the way of old Lakota when I opened the gate. You sure don't want to get between them and where they are going in all this mud. Your feet can get stuck and if they brush against you, you are down.

When we were digging Velvet out Liz got stuck and twisted and fell and I thought sure she was going to break a leg. We have a lot of clay soil and it sure is gummy and sticky. Thanks to lots of milk though, her young, strong bones held up to the insult though.


Paintsmh said...

My tendons however are another story

Jan said...

Another victory for calcium. :)

Terry and Linda said...

WHEW! You are, get out of the way....a HUGE cow with a determined mind can knock you over that is for sure!


Linda said...

There is nothing like sucking mud! I lost a boot in it a while back and had to do a yoga pose while I pulled it out .... good thing I had something to hang on to.

lisa said...

This mud sure is sticky and slippery to boot! You never know what will go wrong go wrong when it comes to the cows.

Cathy said...


Hope those tendons are OK.

I can't remember the last time I encountered real-honest-to-God mud.

I remember that it's treacherously slippery. Stay safe.

threecollie said...

Paints, it was an ugly were pretty lucky

Jan, you betcha. We are really lucky in that respect

Linda, I try to stay out of their way. lol

Lisa, and deep! very deep!

Cathy, we have plenty if you would like an encounter. lol Seriously, it is being another wet, cold, nasty spring. ugh

Cathy said...

PS: Went on a naturalist-led hike in a marsh this morning. Mud encounter. Happy to report - that after flailing for 30 seconds - I stayed upright! :-D

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am so glad to hear that. did you twist any important parts though? Mud can be a b***ch. Ours keeps drying up nicely on these strongly windy days and then it rains again.

Cathy said...

Ha! Important parts! Just let me say this. All my parts are still talking about it :-D