Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Storm Luck

I think that black spot is airborne leaves

Yesterday we had it. There were big thunderstorms, tornado warnings, high winds and huge, gigantic..... really big even....hail all around us yesterday.

The boss went out to try and bale a load of hay before it hit. He had wanted to get it in the morning but it wasn't quite dry. The storm was so close that Becky sent her cell phone out with him and we put a continuous weather update station on the TV and watched the weather updates and radar on Facebook and Weather Bug so we could call him if it got close.

Liz was calling from up west where she was working as well, letting us know what was actually happening there and how long it would probably take to get to us.

I'll tell you, with all that going on you just can't settle. Call or not. When to call. We wanted him to get the hay, but safety was more important.

Finally it started blowing the dust around in a wall and whirling leaves off the trees like crazy so we called. He said, "just one more windrow to go, then I'll tarp it and come down."

Well, he didn't get it tarped because the wind ripped a branch as thick as his arm off a box elder three and threw it right over his head...while he was on the tractor... so he left it and raced for the house. It is certainly wet now, but we are feeding quite a lot of hay in the barn so we will just feed it out before it spoils. Wish we could have at least got it tarped or better yet in the mow.

Oh, well. A lot of bad stuff went on all around us, while we didn't have any real damage that I have seen so far. With all the drownings the past couple of days, power outages etc. we are plumb lucky and I won't complain about a little hay. 

And you know how yesterday I mentioned how much is in bloom all at once? When the storm was over the mud puddles in the driveway were clogged with bright yellow-green pollen. No wonder the kids' allergies have been acting up. 

These two weren't the least bit concerned 
about wind, rain, thunder or lightning..
I took these during the storm


Shirley said...

Glad he made it back safely, and with at least some hay- hope the wind didn't blow it all to the next county. Stay safe!

Cathy said...

Showed my fellas those pictures. 'Whoa' . . . was the response to that dark arc of cloud.

Thank heaven your fellow missed connecting with that branch.

Jan said...

Scary times you are having.

Wish we were as impervious to the elements as our little feathered friends.

S said...

I couldn't settle here either in my house surrounded by trees. Haven't been quite the same since Irene.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm so glad Ralph made it back okay and all of you are fine. We had that nasty wind here for three days. I'm very glad you are alright!!!


threecollie said...

Shirley, I don't usually worry too much about him, but I sure was then!

Cathy, as I said to Shirley, I rarely worry about him, but I was that day. We didn't really get anything that unusual here, but all around us it was nuts.

Jan, we sure do get bizarre weather these days

S, boy do I hear you there! I watch for tornadoes now every time there is a big thunderstorm. After having two...or maybe even three...form right up in our fields I figure that I had better.

LInda, thanks. It was quite a storm