Friday, June 29, 2012

De Tunder Boomers

Is rollin' in. This may be a real short post if I have to ditch and run around pulling plugs. 

Along with horror at having to purchase health insurance in the future...we let it go when Alan was still in school because the monthly bill got higher than the milk check...there is this whole days-are-getting-shorter thing going on.

Got up two days in a row now and the sun wasn't up yet. Darn that whole tilting thing anyhow.

That pic is a cucumber blooming happily on the bench in the living room, clear evidence that Liz is a busy young person. She has two flats of assorted annual garden plants on my bench. The tomatoes are two feet high! Ah, well, they are very pretty and I don't mind watering them.


Cathy said...

The shortening days . . . Oh, my friend . . don't go there. Enjoy that patient cucumber blossoming in the living room . . .

. . . . my mantra in these troubling times . . . one day at a time . .

I know . . easy for me to say.

Linda said...

We've even been hearing about Obamacare here. We have De Tunder Boomers coming as I type.

threecollie said...

Cathy, the camera and I are working to capture all we can to save for those other months. Friends keep posting pics of snow to "cool everyone off". I avert my eyes! One day at a time works for me. It is hard enough to do that!

Linda, big mess! Hope the boomers bring rain with no lightning.

Terry and Linda said...

I so agree...give me longer days always, Please!!!