Friday, June 01, 2012

NYC Soda Ban

It's all over the Net. Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban sales of sugary drinks over 16 ounces in his little fiefdom to the south of us. 

The arrogance, the intrusiveness, the overstepping of the reasonable purpose of government, not to mention the utter stupidity of this.  After all, what is to stop folks from buying two sodas anyhow? It's mind boggling. Political smoke and mirrors at its lowest.

And consider this.

The good mayor's personal worth is estimated at $19.5 billion. I suspect that he drinks what he wants to and that such a concept as "economy size" (or economy in any form) never cross his mind. What could he possibly know about how the other 99% live?

I have never paid much attention to the regulatory infrastructure of NYC. Despite the whole state being identified by its excess and attitude, we live far away from there, both geographically and culturally. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have visited there, with quite a few fingers left over.

However, as of late last year, our boy works there. 

Or maybe I should call him a man now. Yesterday in the course of his job, he picked up, carried, opened, and poured seven and a half tons of bagged cement over the course of a 12-hour work day.

In the hot, blazing sun.

What gives Hizzoner and his pals the right to tell that kid that he can't have a large soda if he wants one? Certainly the not the Constitution. Certainly not any moral high ground where they perch omnisciently over the peons. In fact nothing gives them the right. They are just taking it....but only if New Yorkers let them. Maybe they should call up some of that famous attitude and cry foul nice and loud. Meanwhile.....

I don't even like soda, never drink the stuff. But this ticks me off. 


Rev. Paul said...

You touched on all the right points - and Hizzonor is a moronic nanny-statist of the worst stripe.


Jan said...

Nanny-ism at its highest. What I don't understand is why New York (cityers) put up with that.

I read an account of his own salt consumption and it surpasses that of most of his peons.

Woodswalker said...

You said it!

Cathy said...

Can only add my affirming AMEN !

And yes, that boy is a man . . though I know he will always be your boy and is happy to remain so.

Terry and Linda said...



WeldrBrat said...

Here's what I've found interesting. Every single media source I've listened to, that's attempted to appear as though they are flat-dab ripping the ears off of some pee-on for the mayor with questions of why... not one single one of them has even brought up the question, " How many Beverage Distributors have contributed to his campaign during his career?" They're all playing in it. Bottom line - the real objective in this is to, simply, find one more thread to yank millions from taxpayers... or, hide the numbers on the money they've already misappropriated. lol They better let me vote for Buddy Roemer!

lisa said...

I am sure glad you posted this because I think it is also a bunch of shit!

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, I can't imagine, no matter how wealthy you might be, feeling that you should have this kind of power over others. Sickening!

Jan, I have also read that he is a salt junkie and salts his salted pretzels, while hovering over the city's vending machines to make sure no one gets an extra cracker. I try to keep my language clean (and in fact had to edit this post before putting it up) but folks of his stripe bring out the bad words in me.

WW, makes me nuts I'll tell you

Cathy, he is indeed and it is taking some getting used to. We miss him and his hilarious sense of humor and his gentleness a lot around here.

Thanks, Linda!

WB, good point, and you are right. In the end it is always the money or that and an effort to divert attention from some other skulduggery

Lisa, it just made me mad! Who are these people to think they have such rights over others!

Cathy Monroe said...

He's become a dictator. He makes and then changes the rules to suit his mood and ambitions. I'm so glad I left the city.

threecollie said...

Cathy, from what I hear he isn't terribly popular with a large segment of the populace in his hometown either.

LindaG said...

And where do they go next?

It wouldn't work in the heat and humidity of Louisiana, either.
And if you're an adult, you should be responsible for your own life.
I can't believe the people of NYC let him do as he likes. Crazy.

threecollie said...

LInda G, It boggles my mind that they extended their term limits so they could keep him as mayor.