Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday was crazy busy...more about that later...let's just say there were strawberries involved and new calves...with more of both on today's agenda. Sandwiched in between was a quick visit with Liz to see little Ren, who in a few weeks will be her new puppy and a frequent visitor to Northview.

She is another English shepherd like Gil from the same kennel. We will be looking forward to seeing more of her soon.


June said...

What a pretty girl.
Is Liz absolutely sure she wants two puppies at the same time?

Keith Wilson said...

Okay, I am a total dog freak.
That is the best post yet!
More pics of the pup please.

Ruth said...

well that should keep you guys running....lol!

Dani said...

Silly Dani. I thought it was a boy when I saw the pics on FB. :)

Floridacracker said...


June said...

Oh, sorry. I had it wrong. Gil is Becky's baby.

Cathy said...

Pay no attention to that Keith Wilson comment above.

I keep a tight leash on him regarding another pup and if he sees too many more pixes like these - I'm a goner.

Paintsmh said...

I can't wait to bring my baby puppy home! I already started puppy proofing the truck!

Terry and Linda said...

Ahhh! She is so sweet! Two puppies I can just imagine the fun/drama those two will be able to think up ...

just for you!


lisa said...

Love those puppy eyes!

Jeffro said...


threecollie said...

June, she is one of nine little cuties that we went to see the other day. Glad I wasn't the one who had to choose among them

Keith, same here. She will be coming home with Liz in a couple of weeks and although she won't be living here full time, I am sure there will be plenty of photo ops

Ruth, you betcha! lol

Dani, Liz likes girl pups, and with Gil being a very dominant young fella it seemed wise.

FC, you should have seen all nine of them together! Cute overload!

June, yes, that is right. Beck lives here on the farm with us, while Liz has her own home. Ren will be here often, but will travel in the truck with Liz as she goes around inspecting farms and will live at her house.

Cathy, oops, I'm afraid I may be sabotaging your efforts soon. lol

Liz, wise choice of plans!

Linda, lol, well, at least, like grandkids, one of them will be going home at night.

Lisa, she does have a very intense expression doesn't she?

jeffro, yup. lol