Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From Dust to Downpour

What a night! It started raining again just as the boss finished rolling up some hay to bale yesterday afternoon. Guess that is a loss, but we needed the rain.

Then when evening rolled around the thunderstorms rolled in. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. Lightning flashed from every direction, continuously all night. Thunder rumbled and roared and snapped and cracked...and never stopped. If you closed your eyes you could still see it plainly....even facing away from the windows.

It was crazy. It was as if the house was sitting in the center of a giant Faraday cage with the show going on all around it.

I didn't stay up and watch, but you couldn't miss it. The power was on and off half a dozen times. Hoping the fencers aren't all fried this morning.

The kid was expecting to be laid off for at least a week and we were planning various pastimes. However, he was called right back and had to get up at two to head to the big city. We'll miss him, but he has to make a living I guess.

Anyhow, the world is like a big, dingy-grey, soggy, cotton ball right now, with muggy the key word in the morning forecast. Ah, well, maybe the sorghum will sprout now. And the poor cows really needed a bath; they were all dingy too.

Take care.


Ruth said...

It rolled over us too last night, that was some lightening storm! I hope enough of it soaked in to do some good, and that it didn't just run off....

Rev. Paul said...

My maternal grandfather was a farmer in the Missouri Ozarks all his life. Used to refer to drought followed by downpours as "too 'nuff or too none."

Terry and Linda said...

If we were to get something like that it would be loaded with hail. Rain is nice...bad storms not so nice.


Cathy said...

Ooooh. That was good . . the Faraday analogy . . scary!
Have you ever had St. Elmo's fire up there?
My brother and his family rented a farm house with a little elevation and not too much else around . . height-wise . . .and on a couple of occasions .. . in storms like you're describing . . static electricity would hover above the floor in the upstairs .. . Oooooeeeeee . :)

What a weird weird summer.