Saturday, July 14, 2012

Off to Camp

I hope and pray. The Blue Bomber broke down yet again on the way home from NYC last night. I think it is time for some changes there. Wish he had brought the little red one, but it is too late to worry about it now. 

Hopefully some of us will be off to camp today. I would be thankful for good thoughts for that actually taking place. Meanwhile, take care and stay safe this week, I'll be thinking of you.


June said...

Well, gee! Thanks for going on vacation and, thereby, bringing rain. :-)

joated said...

Enjoy your time at the camp. Catch lots of fish!

Cathy Monroe said...

Enjoy your vacation.

lisa said...

If you need help moving in let us know we will get you there and home!!!

Jan said...

We are sending out all the positive energy to you that we can muster. You deserve it.

Woodswalker said...

Have fun, and I hope you get to relax, Lord knows you deserve it. Who's taking care of the cows?

Jeffro said...

Have yourselves a time! You sure deserve it.

Terry and Linda said...

Have yourselves the best of times!!!!


threecollie said...

June, I am thinking of offering the state a good deal...they send me camping, I bring rain. lol

Joated, what a week! My sis in law caught and cooked some amazing bass

Cathy M, thanks, we did!

Lisa, thank you! It means a lot to me to know you guys are there.

Jan, thanks, it was great!

WW, Liz and the boss did the cow chores. And thanks! I thought of you often when I saw interesting plants, with which I wasn't familiar

Jeffro, thanks! The lake almost never lets me down. As I am going to write in this week's farm side..I have a heart for water light.

Linda, thank you! It was a wonderful week