Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summertime and the Living is

Busy, still crazy busy. With two folks sick, even chores were a challenge. Lizzie soldiered right on through it, but the boss was coughing so bad he couldn't stand up, so he just fed (no one but him runs the skid steer when Alan is away) and went back in the house.

It is normally a hectic week anyhow, as I try to fit two weeks work into one, plus pack for camp...and, as is not unusual, I lost my packing I am winging it and flinging it-if it looks like I'll need it, into the basket it goes. The most often forgotten items are the can opener, colander, and swim noodles. All are packed but the first, which is still in use. And matches. Packed them too. As long as we have food and fishing poles and swim suits all will surely be fine.

 And next week, I hope and pray, will include NO bookkeeping at all, only pleasure writing-no looming deadlines, no telemarketers, no political calls, and lots of nice fish. And family, always family.

It has been warming the very center of my heart to see posts on FB with photos from the Cooperstown Junior Show. Lovely animals, beautiful scenery and wonderful young folks, full of joy and promise. I remember those days so well. The kids took cows and heifers for several years of fun and excitement. And I can surely tell you that for every shining cow or perfect pig, or carefully sculptured show sheep, hundreds of hours of hard work and planning are hidden in the background. Those kids are amazing.

Congratulations to every single one of them! They give me hope for our nation's future like almost nothing else can.


Dani said...

Can't wait to see your beautiful camp photos!

lisa said...

Yes, only two days left and we will be up at the lake enjoying each others company once in a while! The hubby is looking forward to it, along with me! It will be nice to have Darce and Jim up there this year. Have a good day and try not to work to hard!

Linda said...

Enjoy your getaway! I keep my "lists" on my computer where I can't put them "under" something and lose them until its too late.

Terry and Linda said...

And the living is easy. HAVE FUN CAMPING!!!


alam said...

Chickory :)

Cathy said...

That bug sounds like the adenovirus that my sister's family has been dealing with.

Her 10 year-old had it for a couple weeks. Then Jen got it. She's been hacking and aching for a week. Now her husband has it. Their doctor put him on a steroid for the nasal/pharyngeal inflammation and pain meds for the aching. I guess antibiotics aren't indicated for a virus.

I sure hope you dodge this thing and that the boss is feeling better soon.

Happy camping :)