Saturday, August 18, 2012

Number 52

No, not these two, this is a matching set of fence insulators...oh, wait....

On the Northview backyard and barnyard summer count. A cooper's hawk obligingly sat on a hay wagon in the barn yard yesterday and let me walk up within a few feet before she flew. Her crop was so full her beak was pointed up and she could barely wobble off.

Liz had time to run to the truck for her camera and got some great pics.


lisa said...

I think I will have to call you the bird woman ;)

Cathy said...

Ha! That's as amusing as the pix I recently took of a goldfinch eating my zinnias! I swear. I've got the photographic proof.

Did Liz post those photos?

threecollie said...

Lisa, lol, okay

Cathy, I can't remember which photos..and would love to see the finch ones.