Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rain Last Night

This is another possible choice

And it is leaky today too. In theory we need it. Personally I would send it south and west if given a choice.

We are working on Fonda Fair entries now. Liz is prolly taking Diamond. For me the days of dragging ponies and horses and strings of 4-H and open cows are in the past and I am entering photographs. I will probably take this one and this one. If you have others that you like better, let me know, because it is hard to choose and I have a few days yet to decide. 

Was working on the Farm Side yesterday, darned near half nuts with all the interruptions. Phone calls, people thumping in and out in search of cool drinks and commentary.

My hair was in serious danger I'll tell you...of tearing out that is.

Then this AM with all asleep or still at their own homes or just not chatty yet, I polished it in fifteen minutes or less.

I've got to learn to write it on Tuesday, claw through all the research, get it down in rough draft (with five tabs open on ethanol and corn plus one on Facebook to protect what's left of my sanity) and then proofread early Wednesday morning. It's quiet then...somewhat...and I am a certified morning person, with acute mental decline beginning at noon and heading south from there apace. 

Anyhow, it's done and sent so I can get back on board with farm life and maybe finish painting that blasted lawn bear. I have got to quit that job this time for real. I just don't have the time to lug all the paints and stuff out and put them away again every day. If I had a workroom it might be different, but the kitchen table is no place for bears and cowboys that are taller than I am. And tacky...did I mention tacky?

Although the cowboy started out as the ugliest thing you could imagine, but once I gave him a face and a big white grin, he became kind of engaging. And it is funny to see him peering out the dining room window when I come in from the barn.


Cathy said...

You, my friend - are a hoot.

That tacky cowboy business :-D

Plus I get vicarious fatigue from your schedule.

The pix choices are perfect . . .

is there a limit to how many you can enter?

I do love that querulous oriole up top.

Dani said...

You are just amazing!

threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks, I had a hard time deciding, but I have to print 8X10s and frame them so i picked ones I would like in the house. I don't very often even win a white ribbon, the competition is fierce, but I need a pass so the family can drag me over there all week. We actually all entered something this year to try to support the poor fair, which has been devastated by flooding..the fair grounds is right by the river...twice in the past few years.

Dani, why thank you...same goes...