Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teh Kitteh Olympics

The sport is fencing. 
No foils allowed. 
The participant is Chain Saw, 
a domestic short hair from the USA.

Choose your weapons

 Our contestant caught in a pensive moment

 Perfect form in the "follow the farmer out to the field" event

 Sails smoothly past the "meadow hazard" with grace and aplomb

Carried victorious from the field in the arms of his supporters
*click to embiggen*

***And now, for the behind the scenes commentary....actually Alan and I went out to is going to be a big job...putting the electric wire back up where the deer ripped it down. Chainsaw decided to tag along. In typical cat fashion he persisted all the way to the top of the hill and then petered out and lay around crying...."oh, I'm so tired...I, gasp, can't make it any farther.....gasp, gasp..."

So Alan carried him down. There were a lot of raptors around and he didn't want him to be eaten. Silly cat.


Dani said...

It's a rough life for a kitty. :)

June said...

Oh man. Cats have it made, don't they?
Fearless and agile and combative when they want to be. And fragile little softy kitties when they choose.

Shirley said...

O pathetic cat! They sure know how to manipulate, don't they?

joated said...

Eaten? HA! Remember the scene from Conan The Barbarian where he's crucified and feigns death to bite the head off a vulture? Chainsaw just wanted a crack at that Red-tail circling around up there.