Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bird Week

 Great Blue Heron, hunting

Blue Jay..these guys are eating from the tube feeder....very amusing
Molting Cardinal

Hurry Up or Depeche Toi

 Cedar Waxwing in the sunset

My week in birdies....


Ruth said...

I was so excited the first time I saw a Great Blue in a neighboring pond! Haven't yet managed a picture *sigh* BTW chickadee's are SERIOUSLY pretty upclose. My new goal is to sneak up on one with a close up lens.....

Laurie said...

You always have the best photos. Sorry I've been away so long!

Cathy said...

Wow. That waxwing shot :)

To Ruth: I'm with you. Gotta start sneakn'!

Jeffro said...

I generally read most blogs through Google Reader, and if you have Google Ads, they show up.

If I ever need a bird exterminator, Google will let me know.

threecollie said...

Ruth, I love to see them...taking off so ponderously and flying all prehistoric and dignified. I was tickled a few weeks ago when one flew over the field by the house so I could add him to my informal summer count

Laurie, thanks, I was so delighted to see that you had stopped by!

Cathy, thanks, I should take the time to do better in low light and get sharper pics, but alas, I am always in a hurry.

Jeffro, boy, do I hear you there! I have those ads on the side bar and yesterday one was for a dairy-advocacy site and one for an animal rights group. Yep, full service, one stop shopping. lol

Terry and Linda said...