Monday, October 08, 2012

Breathtaking Cows

You can see the 2012 Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo at the link. RF Goldwyn Hailey is some spectacular cow.

Our weekend was spent with cows, that although nothing near the caliber of cows like Hailey, are still pretty special to us. Liz's Dixie Rose had a little shorty heifer Sunday, causing much consternation as she needed to be moved to the cow barn to get treated for impending milk fever.

We brought along all her cohorts and she and the other two springers are in the cow barn, while a shorty we are going to sell and a big old Elevation Pete that isn't that close up are out with the cows. The latter, Blaze, used to run with the cows and I think she is happy to be back out with them.

Then one of the better milk cows, Camry had a calf either yesterday or last night. There is some debate. She came into the barn last night to eat and didn't look like she had had her baby yet, but this morning she was at the barn with a great big Juniper Rotate Jed heifer trotting along at her side. This made us wonder if we had missed an important event somewhere.

She had a Jed last year too, and we bred her back to him because we liked that one, so we are feeling lucky to get another girl.

On a sad, and really rather sickening note, a young woman was charged with inattentive driving for allegedly texting while on the road and hitting a trailer full of World Dairy Expo cows, killing one of them and injuring others.


lisa said...

They seem to never listen. TEXTING and driving don't mix!

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, geez...these cell phones are really not a good thing, although I do use one.



Cathy said...

About those winners . .
That lateral view of Arethusa Response Vivid-ET . .
She's so long it would seem that she could use another set of legs in the middle considering all that length :)
Don't get me started on that tragedy and the idiots on the highway.
On a different tack . . that fungus, I think, is Lycoperdon . . (hilarious commonname)

threecollie said...

Lisa, it makes me so mad and they all do it. Nothing can happen to them!

Linda, I love mine for many reasons but I wouldn't even consider trying to read a text while driving...or even walking

Cathy, yeah, not a Jersey fan, but she is some cow! I knew it was a puffball, but I sure didn't know the scientific name. lol there were little fungi of all sorts growing in the sparsely grassed sand all over the oldest part of the cemetery. we have the giant puffballs here on the farm. Now and then we eat one and we often give them away to people who like them. Personally I can only eat a little....they are ridiculous rich. don't mess with the little ones though. Too dangerous for me..

Cathy said...

One of my little quirky interests over the years has been fungi. Eaten 12 species. WAS VERY VERY CAREFUL. Spore prints - the whole works.
The big caveat in the giant puffballs (calvatia giagantea) is - once the interior starts to change color at all - yellow on down to deep brown - you give it a pass.
Have you ever found Fox Fire - omphaltus illudens - definitely a NON-edible, but really fun to bring in to watch glow. (Wrap in wax paper a few hours to encourage it )

threecollie said...

Cathy, I stand in awe. I know it is a crazy difficult thing to ID fungi. We have eaten puffballs since I was a little kid, but they are really a little too rich for me so we only have them now and then. A lot of people are eager to take them off our hands if they find out that we have them though. lol. Never seen fox fire, but would love to. Used to run a rabbitry called Fox Fire Rabbitry.