Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quittin' the "Farm"

How I feel after wasting my time with this game

No, no, not Northview Dairy farm, although if milk prices don't outpace feed and fuel costs at some point that day may come, as it already has to far too many family dairy farms. 

Notice that now that the milk to feed ratio is hitting record lows over and over again, the powers that be have decided that it is no longer a meaningful measure of profitability. Yeah, right.

Actually I removed the game Farmville 2 from my daily round of playing pointless games. (I like pointless games for the predictable success. I need that in my life.)

However, there's pointless, but entertaining, and then there is pointless plus plumb shamefully aggravating.

FV2 had the latter covered with room to spare. Shameless and never-ending requirements that you pester people for stuff. Sneaky inclusion of people who obviously don't waste time in such a manner on all your begging lists.

Glitches that interrupted game progress occurring daily with no way to contact support and no useful response if you actually got somebody.

When they stole my cow (a longhorn by the way that kicked out milk and cheese on a regular basis...why on earth don't they do their homework?) and they wouldn't give it back, I quit.

It is so refreshing. I know they won't miss me but.....well, gee, I don't miss them either.


Reddunappy said...

OH and constantly being told you have to buy something more!!! Who really buys stuff in a virtual game! what a waste of money.

Cathy said...

Ahaaahahaaa . . . I'm reading along at my usual scan before I truly focus and I'm getting reeelly steamed that somebody stole your cow and won't give it back!!

This is what a decade or so in age difference makes in computer interactions. I am clueless about these games. Tried to play Angry Birds and ended up with heartburn cause I couldn't save the poor little critters :)

Jeffro said...

I'm pretty tickled that I resisted playing games on FB. I feel like we jump through enough hoops to give them marketing info that we should be paid for our troubles, not the other way around.

I'm also gradually weeding out all the apps - they were fun once, but they spy on us all the time and continue to bother me. So, I shut 'em down as they pop up.

threecollie said...

REddunappy, never spent a real cent, but sure have wasted a lot of time. lol

Cathy, I am addicted. There I have admitted it. I stink at Angry birds though. Alan plays on mine now and then and leaves me in the virtual dust. lol

Jeffro, smart man! They are a godawful waste of time. I like 'em though. lol

Cathy said...

Ahaaahaaahaa. . . ' . . leaves me in the "virtual" dust' !
BTW. Your addiction secret is safe with me.