Friday, December 28, 2012

Seed Catalogs

Yeah, you could almost warm your hands over the covers and you can sure fuel your dreams with the colors. They sure know just when to send them to get you all fired up and pulling out the plastic. They kinda clash with the snow though.

I had a new idea for the growing vegetables indoors scheme. I'll betcha you could do radishes in a flower pot in a bright window real easy. I am going to give it a go.....not that I even like radishes.

 Got to bring a pot in off the front porch before we seal it off though. We have left it open for Christmas lights, but they are down and put away....time to close out more of the cold.

Anyhow, the first cup of coffee sure tastes good this time of year. Well, actually it tastes good any time of year, but the warmth is extra welcome. We didn't even turn the cows out in the yard yesterday. Alan rolled a great big round bale inside and we unrolled it in the manger and let them eat inside. Just too darned cold and nasty and we were afraid the barn would freeze up without their big, warm bodies inside.

We will have to decide about today.....


joated said...

Picked up our mail yesterday (after digging out!) and found the Burpee's Catalog in the box.
Terry's response was: Hurray! Winter's over!"

Floridacracker said...

Planted spinach and lettuce starts in the garden yesterday. It's so hot down here in the spring that winter is the only time we can grow those without them bolting too quickly.

Seth said...

I've already received 4 catalogs in the mail...Burpee, Baker Creek and Sow True. Planning to expand my planting beds this year. Can't wait!

Jan said...

My winter in-my-head gardens are sensational before spring realities come about.

Terry and Linda said...

I love the seed catalogs..they sure help me get through the long, gray days of winter.


threecollie said...

Joated, we have our Burpees too! Great pics. lol I rarely buy from their catalog, but if I need their seeds I get them at Wally World. I mostly buy from Pinetree.

FC, I am envious! I haven't had much luck with spinach the past few years and we really like it.

Seth, we seem to have a pile, mostly from companies we don't deal with. Guess I am going to have to send for a Pinetree one. Haven't bought seeds in a couple of years as I have a lot on hand

Jan, I am turning more and more toward container gardening as I get older and the weather around here gets shakier. Whether their is drought or monsoon, it is easier to keep containers properly moisturized and the weeding level fits my schedule. lol

Linda, they do! I love to wish we were zone five or six and dream of what I would grow if we were. lol

Cathy said...

Now why the heck did this post make me tear up?

The sun is setting here. Concerns loom . . and your homey take on spring dreaming, warm cow bodies . . sealing the cold out . .well . . so real . . so life . . so lovely.