Monday, January 14, 2013

Tools 'n' Levers

I used to be tough. And not just for a girl either. (Or at least I thought so.) I Indian wrestled brothers and sons, played tackle football with the guys and held my own, squeezed hands with the best of 'em and generally was rugged as all get out. I could throw off a load of hay almost as fast as the boss and if I pushed on a cow to get her over in the stall, she moved.

I opened cans and bottles for grandmas and thought of myself as all that and a bucket of rice, as Liz would say.

Then along came arthritis and all the other associated fun of old age...or at least oldish...and I couldn't do nunna them things any more. NONE! 

I can still carry a bale down the manger to feed, but A bale is about it.

I HATE to be a puppy and have to ask people to do stuff for me, although I do nowadays, and way too often for my taste.

Enter the wonders of tools and tricks. The pliers are never far from my hand. Granny grippers for bottles and cans. Sharp knife, hammers, and such, right where I need them.

Shaking up bedding is problematic with hands that won't grip a fork handle for more than a few seconds....but if you balance the thing just right you can get the cows bedded just the same. Same goes for climbing up to unplug milkers in the high part of the barn. Ain't easy, ain't fast but.... And if I can't get the hook off the big back door to let some air into the barn without a fork handle to pound on it....well, at least it gets opened.

I miss being tough, but will still find a way to get things done...for at least a while longer.


Ruth said...

*sigh* I was 30 when the doc told me that the pains in my thumbs and pointer fingers and wrists of both hands was arthritis. For some reason he laughed at me when I told him I was to young for it to be arthritis.....So far I can still do most things, though granny grippers to open jars and bottles rock, but its the little things, like not being able to teach my niece fancy braiding over Christmas cause my hands wouldn't take it for more than 15 minutes...

Linda said...

I'm sort of in the same boat........repurposing tools to get the job done. Look on the bright least we're still able to get out and do something.

Woodswalker said...

You're still tougher than most folks, Marianne. Male or female. Smarter than most, too, which goes a long way toward compensating for any loss of strength.

Alouise said...

Wait until you are fast approaching 80. I found that a jar opener (looks like wide jawed pliers) will work on a canning jar of fruit if I hold the jar between my knees. I tried to pick up Dad's 100 # anvil that he has on Craig's list, but I'm sure it weighs more than 100 pounds now. That iron gains weight just like we do. Crocheting is very difficult when your hands ache, and even driving is no picnic. I guess it beats the alternative!
Love, Mom

Rev. Paul said...

This "getting older" stuff isn't for wimps. Now I know why my dad used to say, "You'll figure it out, one of these days."

Darn it.

threecollie said...

Ruth, thumbs are the worst!

Linda, I tell myself exactly that and often. lol

Mom, Cannot imagine 80. Just can't. And I know just how tough you are and always have been...tougher than I am, that's for sure! Love you.

Rev. Paul, yep! Live and learn I guess. lol

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, my do I ever understand. But the beauty of all of I can still type. If my hands aren't cold!


Cathy said...

I 'second' Woodswalker's comment!

And from Alousie's comment . . I see where you get your will-power and grit :)