Monday, February 11, 2013


Before Nemo

So under the weather I can't even think of a title. Not sick, thankfully, just literally under the weather. Freezing rain for today, another big storm looming on the horizon. I think this will be a February to remember.

Hopefully, barring disasters, the cows can go outside to eat today, as there is thick snow on the ice and it is supposed to be somewhat warmer. That will be easier for the bale rollers and hay forkers among us and I'm sure the ladies will enjoy running around in the snow and squabbling among themselves.

After Nemo

Yesterday our boy made his longest journey yet, off to a job in Washington DC. It was a scary trip with a runaway tractor trailer passing him at high speed in the Pennsylvania hills, dodging in and out of traffic right in front of him, then careening off into one of those runaway truck catcher things.

My heart about stopped hearing about it, though no harm was done. Now he is surrounded by green grass and trees with leaves and buds. I like hearing about that and am wishing I had stowed away.


It is hard to believe that spring is just a day's drive south of us, but I guess it is. 

Meanwhile, I hadn't been writing about it, because it makes me so sad, but a blog friend's sadness over a similar situation made me think that maybe I should...Nick is not doing well. Last of the three collies, he came down with old dog vestibular disease last week. The other two, Mike and Gael, both had it, got used to the concept of being tippy, and went on for years with it.

Sometimes they were worse. Sometimes they were better, but they soldiered on despite it. Nick just gave up the very first morning. Just quit. I had to lift him outdoors and hand him in. He ate one can of dog food and quit that too. Wouldn't even eat peanut butter if I put it in his mouth. Not even his beloved bread.

Yesterday I smeared peanut butter on his teeth so he HAD to eat it. A few hours later he toddled outside on his own, took care of business, and toddled back in. I fried up some bacon so he could have bacon grease on his bread and he ate that. 

Same story this morning. I am aware that this reprieve will probably be short. He just doesn't seem to have a lot of try in him, unlike the other two dogs. They were so keen that years after they were retired due to blindness and infirmity, if they would sneak outside when I was moving cows they would join right in. I think they found the cows by Braille or something. He just isn't that way, and never has been.....although he was always the best one with the kids...Not much more to say. I will do what I can for him as long as I can do it.


June said...

Wow, what a stroke of luck that no harm was done by that truck. What a good driver! I've never seen a truck catcher; Husband probably has since he travels so much.
I'm so sorry about Nick, and I'm sorry for you. I know so well the "try anything...anything!" routine, your heart in your throat and your guts in a knot. And knowing that any reprieve is only a short one. It is so hard for us.
For the dogs, maybe not. They're the ultimate realists.
I wish you peace and luck.

Dani said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Nick. Doesn't matter how long we have them, the passing is never easy.

Jeffro said...

Well, darn.

Rev. Paul said...

I'm always saddened to hear of a fine animal like that who just gives up. You want so badly to just explain things ...

Floridacracker said...

Oh poor Nick.
Thank Dog he's with someone who will rub peanut butter on his lips and fry him bacon.
A good dog deserves every kindness.
My thoughts are with you.

Cathy said...

So glad for Alan.

Heartbroken for you and Nick.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, my heart breaks for you and Nick...I know how my heart would be if something were to happen to Fuzzy are right, we do whatever it takes for as long as it takes and then are very grateful that we did it.

I'm so very happy your son made it to spring...safely!


threecollie said...

June, I hate it when he travels! NYC is bad enough, but Washington DC, OMG, I just hate it. Nick is discouraging me. He eats for a day or two and then stops again. Hope Angus is doing better

Dani, it's not. It sound callous, but Sadie did it right last fall when she just stopped on the way to the barn one night. making the decision is awful and it is going to have to be made I fear. thanks for your kind thoughts

Jeffro, yep, knew this time would come. Not liking it much.

FC, he has been a good old guy, a huge favorite with the kids as he would put up with any silliness they came up with, unlike many BCs who are more serious minded dogs. Thanks

Cathy, thank you, kind friend

Linda, thanks! I worry about Fuzzy almost as much as if he were here. Such a lot of personality!