Monday, February 18, 2013


Has worn out its welcome. Last week we had sugar weather; today it is four degrees. Supposed to get up to forty tomorrow though. I'll believe it when I see it.

At least the days are longer, with the sun still up when we go to the barn at night, although flashlights are needed by the time we come in. We sure have enjoyed a sky show lately. Either the stars are a-whirl with the moon waxing fatter each night or the whole affair is all pink and purple from the lights of nearby towns reflected up against the clouds. I always pause on my way in and just look for a while.

We're itching for the time when we can start patching up the fences and get the girls out on grass, which does not have to be either bought or unrolled for them. They must be wishing for it too....long days of lying in the woods chewing cud or itching themselves on low-hanging branches, drinking from the creek and grazing all they want to under a warm spring sun.

Right now all their favorite places are encased in ice or coated with snow....the creek only offers a shiny tear drop of open water here and there, and getting to it would be an awful danger to them.

So it's either their warm barn or the sanded barnyard for them for at least a couple of months yet.

We are right at the edge of good birding times though....the Coopers hawk, the raven, just precursors of a  great invasion when the migrants begin to show up. I keep telling myself...there are killdeers in Virginia....


Cathy said...

Ya know?
That business about "the girls."

" . . long days of lying in the woods chewing cud or itching themselves on low-hanging branches . ."

It makes me downright wistful.
I'll be over.

Anonymous said...

I've never thought about cows having winter daydreams but I'm sure they do.

June said...

I will be right behind Cathy.

joated said...

Having just come back from southern Louisianna, I can confirm the Kildeer in Virginia! Lost of Bluebirds, too. And we even saw some Turkey Vultures along the stretch of I-81 just south of Harrisburg, PA. They, like your cows, are just itching to return to the fields, woods and roadsides of our area.

I'd like to think they will be here soon, but the calendar tells me it will be a couple of weeks and not any day soon. I'd much prefer the "any day" option. Any. Day.

Rev. Paul said...

I'm longing for some warm sun, too, but it will be two or three months before our weak sunlight produces anything like warmth.

Maybe I just need a vacation. Scratch that: I definitely need a vacation.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm ready also!!!!!

*♥´¨) ¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨) (¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥♥´¨

threecollie said...

Cathy, we will be glad to see you!

jan, last week one of them pried open the barnyard gate and tried to go up to pasture through the snow banks. She came back pretty soon.

June, cool!!

Joated, been watching for migrants and just not seeing much yet. Of course on Sunday, i was all tucked up in my chair and kept seeing about five hundred of something swirling off the river. I think they were ducks. As soon as I dragged myself out of my cozy comfort and got the binoculars they took off never to return, so no clue what they actually were. ;

Rev. Paul, and I hope you can take one. After the winter you folks have had you surely deserve one!