Thursday, April 04, 2013

Betty and her Baby

I wonder how many other Citation R Maple daughters are out there today

Really hoping we can get Betty through the transition period between calving and joining the milking string on full feed and at her best production, without too many setbacks.

Despite wanting to hook her baby with her horns, she is a really nice little cow, and what an amazing will to milk! The boss is starting her off real gradually because she seems to tend a bit towards milk fever, but when he puts the machine on the hoses jump like crazy with all the milk she is pumping out. We will have to worry about her for a while yet...this is a difficult time for a cow....

The barn is filling up with babies and we like it that way. Lucky, Scotty and Betty have so far given us calves..and two are red!...and Carlene, Evanlyn, and Cevin are due this month. Most of them are contracted to be traded for hay when they are weaned and ready to be on their own.

***pics were taken with a little Sony camera Alan got me for Christmas so I didn't have to miss shots in the barn. I don't like to risk taking the big camera over there every day for fear of harming it, but I miss so many interesting things. This little one doesn't take quite as good pictures, but it fits right in my if I can just learn to use it.


Terry and Linda said...

I want I want two...Maybe we could bring you a load of hay! (Gosh that would be wonderful in more ways than calves and hay...but three or four hard days of driving and as many nights just isn't going to happen. Sigh!)

Give them all lots of pets for me!


Cathy said...

I think that camera is doing a fine job.
Adorable little guys.

threecollie said...

Linda, wouldn't that be great! I love the shorthorn Holstein cross calves. they are hardy, lively, if you raise them to milk they do so quite well, if you raise them for beef the end product is excellent.