Thursday, April 25, 2013


The boss went up in the mow this morning in search of some extra-special hay for a heifer that is having a bit of a hard time of it. 

Way up there in the rarely visited bits he found where someone had written on what was once the wall of the walkway into old horse stalls. (The barn has been much remodeled over the many years that it has stood here.)

It said, "Lizzy V E, October 10, 1850". Then there was something about a "Thad" and something about a livery stable.

The history you find when you aren't even looking.....the Lizzy VE would have been Lizzy Van Epps. Her family once owned the place...I will have to crawl up there some time and take a pic of it. I am not much for clambering up that old ladder, but it might be worth it.


TenMile said...

I remember a hay mow. I didn't write any thing - because I'd read in a hay mow about . . . things. And, well, a person I knew.

lisa said...

That would be a pretty awesome find!

Cathy said...

There is something poignantly haunting about a hand's gesture in time that left marks on a wall, on a tree, through which a person tried to anchor a place, a love, their existence on this earth.

Yeah. I'd be tempted to get up there. Just go carefully so you can report back :)

threecollie said...

Ten Mile, um....I think I get the idea. lol

Lisa, we love finding things like that around the place. There are a couple of others. I should have Ralph show them to me and take pics

Cathy, just how I felt! I will do it if I can!