Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh, Yeah, It's Earth Day

It kinda snuck up on me, mostly because we live pretty close to the land, so they are all earth days, just without the capital letters. 

However, I looked at some of the activities suggested for Earth Day, the one with the big letters, for kids and adults.

Most of 'em had to do with cleaning, conserving, and coloring books. "Take Back the Planet" is a big rallying cry.

Let's see now, how does Northview Farm help with those goals?

As far as endangered species go, I don't know how many of those we host on our acreage, and I probably wouldn't say so if I did. I do know that thanks to this bit of land not being developed and put under lawns and roads and houses, dozens of varieties of birds and wild animals, and insects and herptiles have homes.

Last year, during spring and summer, I personally counted 57 species of birds from the house, yard, and barnyard, about a five acre area. Admittedly I can see the river from my front porch, so I got lots of waterfowl flying by that don't nest here. However, 57 species seen from such a small area is quite a few.

If I counted the whole farm, as I am attempting to do this year, I would have definitely gotten more. If I added the birds Alan and the boss saw while doing field work, rather than just the ones I saw myself, snow buntings, scarlet tanagers, harriers, and plenty of others would have joined the list.

Some of these birds would still be here even if we didn't farm. However, a large majority, especially those that nest in pastures, hedgerows, and hay fields, would have to go elsewhere. Ditto the many deer, foxes, coyotes, squirrels, snakes, toads, frogs, dragon flies and Melissa Blue butterflies that hang around....among others too numerous to list.

Our place is pretty messy on the surface, untidy doesn't begin to cover it. However, as far as taking back the planet goes...well, I don't think we ever really quite let go.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Exactly! All of our "nature" loving neighbors in their neat and tidy paved driveway, perfect lawn lives, all have to walk their dogs past our place to really commune with nature. Mud puddles and hedgerows look untidy but they are full of life.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd take Earth Day more seriously if the celebrants didn't leave piles of trash for someone else to clean up.

Kind of a metaphor for our times.

Cathy said...

"However, as far as taking back the planet goes...well, I don't think we ever really quite let go."

Love it! And love these pictures.

Is that a purple finch?!

Are those siskins?

Rev. Paul said...

Concur with all of the above. Love the pictures!

Terry and Linda said...

Life in the country...nothing could be better!


lisa said...

Love Bird Pictures!

Ed said...

Happy earth day..I did a snail..:-)

threecollie said...

Nita, lawns! A huge pet peeve of mine. Worst monoculture crop on the planet.

Jan, oh, what a picture that paints. Yep, you nailed it.

Cathy, yes, and yes, photos from last year taken right by the house.

Rev. Paul, thank you sir. I don't keep many photos because of storage space, but these were ones I liked enough to archive

Linda, you are so very right! I have really been enjoying the photos you have been sharing of your view around your place. Just gorgeous!

Lisa, thanks!'

Ed, I'll come see and Happy Earth Day to you too.