Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sunday Stills.....Trains

House next to the sign
My great grandpa was a conductor on the Erie Railroad and my grandpa rode the rods looking for work during the dark days of his generation. We grew up seeing and hearing trains on the many railroad tracks that bracketed the valley back in the day.

Grade crossing going to farm fields from Route 5

Today only the north shore lines are running, with the south shore ones turned into a bike path.

Little Nose Mountain with tracks...
there is a whole river between them, but you can't see it here

A railroad spike....looks a bit loose to me

Our sleep is often disturbed by the many freight and passenger trains that fly on down the tracks across the river, but it proved very difficult to get photos of them...guess there aren't too many around on a Saturday.

For more Sunday Stills.....

Webster Wagner
Wagner House
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Anonymous said...

Well done, and wonderful memories. :)

Cathy said...

The technological innovations . . . the struggles of our not-to-distant ancestors . .
We take so much for granted. Great post.

Ed said...

Great series of pics and some neat history too..:-)

lisa said...

Awesome pictures! Matt and I finally got down to the tracks to take pictures. He dragged me out of the house and away from school work (wasn't hard to do)!

Terry and Linda said...

Great photos! Loved the history also!


Eva said...

Great series, and good memories.

Anonymous said...

Good one... with loads of precious memories brilliantly drafted with photos.