Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Is taking place...except that, yeah, it's raining again. I sure do like feeding stuff we didn't buy. The young stock like eating it too. 

Then there was the adventure of drain repair and cleaning. It involved ropes and an old plumber's snake that turned out to be more than long enough and certainly longer than expected. 

 When I went into the milkhouse to check on progress I thought he was using two snakes, one from each end of the clogged drain. Why else would there be a great, big, long, length coming up out of the floor and going right up the ceiling? Nope, it was just one...see previous statement about being long enough and all. (And the boss is pretty spry for an old man, I gotta tell you.)

I am very happy to report that the operation was a success. It's so nice when things work like they are supposed to.

Not much more to report though. Saw Aunt Ann yesterday and she looks and seems wonderful. Such a delight to talk to her. 

Amazing how much hay is off around the countryside and how little corn is planted. Looks like folks are getting the first cutting in first and leaving at least some of the planting, maybe because the weather has been so lousy.

Lots of warblers in the shrubbery. Can't see them though, only sound bites. Wish I knew more calls.....I only know two, common yellow throat and yellow warbler and we have plenty of those. I am trying to learn, but if you don't know what you are hearing and they won't come out where you can see them......have a good one!


Terry and Linda said...

Here you have rain and then some and we need water and then some...


Cathy said...

Love the hummer picture!
And so glad your Aunt is doing well.
My dearest aunt was an "Ann" too.
We're in rural central Ohio for the week. The sweet smell of cut hay is everywhere.

threecollie said...

Linda, drives me crazy! Where has the balance gone?

Cathy, thanks, should have used a different camera setting, but I was watching the kids play with their doggies and he just showed up. We had been second guessing ourselves about some health care decisions we made, but seeing her thriving and beautiful washed that all away like a rainbow. Enjoy the hay!