Saturday, May 18, 2013

Name that Calf

Asaki as a baby

Yesterday, my cow, Asaki, had a bright red and white heifer calf. Asaki herself was named in a name the calf contest back in the day, by Mrs. Mecomber.

Now it is time to name her new baby. I hope you'll all help! She is milking shorthorn and Holstein, and because she is red, out of a red cow, she can be shown. The kids are talking about showing her even though she wasn't really born in one of the "good" months.

Becky has suggested Abunga, going along with the, "This is my cow....Asaki...." theme. I hope you will have some great ideas too..... Please leave suggestions in the comments. We will pull one out of the trusty old hat and that will be the baby's name. 

Second breakfast


Anonymous said...

Becky's Abunga is perfect. Pick mine. Pick mine.

Cathy said...

I'm think'n the person/persons who are gonna work with his little cutie - the most . . well, I think their suggestion should be waaaaay weighted in the choosing.

And for some reason the letters IRS are spinning in my head . . so all I've got this morning is " Iris ".

Go figure.

ellie k said...

Arlo seems to fit this little girl.

threecollie said...

All excellent, please keep them coming as you think of them...