Saturday, May 25, 2013

Um, this was taken last week...Mother's Day flowers from Liz 'n' Jade, which I love and the hummingbirds love too. The boss gets such a kick out of the hummers that he takes this plant out to the porch every nice day so they can come in and visit.

However, as I sit here, this plant, plus a plethora of garden plants belonging to the couple above, languish in the living room, bereft of sun, devoid of warmth and summer-joy. I can hear the weather man on the boss's TV droning on and on about potential snow in the Dacks, record low temps for the week and rain, rain, rain. 

For Heaven's sake, this morning I arose to find a fat, yellow squash blossom on one of the gourds. I think it's trying to tell us in....

IT'S MAY ALREADY!! Where is spring?

On the bright side, while I was walking poor old Nick...who is having very bad times right of the baby robins from the porch came up through the shrubbery and chirped at me. They fledged last week while it was still summer, and it was good to see that at least one has survived the perils of the neighboring fields and abysmal weather. Mama and Papa were both in attendance still...what a cute little speckled thrush pup!

Anyhow, hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you to all who served for the freedom to whine about the weather and wish for a cookout. And for all our freedoms!

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the lyric "May was full of promises, but she didn't keep them soon enough for some..."