Saturday, June 01, 2013

Storms and Green Skies

Amish work horses, taken through the car window

Not a TV watcher, but last night I found myself caught up in the coverage of the OK storms. How could you not be?

The tornadoes that went through here last week were tiny compared to those monsters on the plains, yet they messed up so many familiar places. Folks we know were on the front page of the paper talking about the buildings they lost... Familiar scenes were changed forever in mere minutes.

 The big ones present an unimaginable threat to so many thousands, and in these days of the Internet making us all next door neighbors, they are just chilling.

A question for you folks who live closer to the horror...does the sky really get that green, or it is just the TV making it look that way?

We have seen green skies a number of times when small tornadoes were spawning in the area, but never that bright, intense, Kelly green. That is really something.

Meanwhile, our boy is home from VA and has to head back tomorrow, when they are predicting another round of turbulent weather for us here. Ugh.

Stay safe....


Rev. Paul said...

I lived in Missouri, dead center in "tornado alley" for 45 years. The sky does turn greenish when tornadoes are possible - but I've never seen them turn the color of night-vision goggles like that shown on TV.

lisa said...

It sure is sad about the tornadoes, but I have to say that I sure am glad to be living where I do! One thing about the Northeast and that we don't have to worry too much about hurricanes (we live High enough) and the tornadoes are very far apart. We just have to worry about the blizzards and snow fall!

Jeffro said...

It's more of a sickly, nasty shade of green, pretty much like a lot of bruises.

Cathy said...

My brother witnessed a green glow around a barn and silo near the house they rented in the country here in Ohio. Saint Elmo's fire criss-crossed their bedroom floors during a couple violent storms. Something about the lay of the land there. Spooky.

My son is traveling tomorrow, too. Dang.
You all stay safe, too.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, I am grateful to everyone who took the time to answer this. Around here it just tends to be a dull, odd green, not that bright color either.

Lisa, Except for the government, NY is a great state. lol

Jeffro, I had a feeling that bright Kelly green was something the TV cameras did.

Cathy, yowsa! I cannot imagine having that right in the house. I did live in a house once that was on a stone ridge. When lightning hit up in back the lightbulbs in the house would go pop, pop, pop and all go out. I hated it!