Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Calm Before

Guess we are supposed to get nailed by Tropical Storm Andrea, with up to five inches of rain over the next couple of days. I'm here to tell you that we do not need it.

 It has rained and rained and rained again. Everyone who walks out after the cows is injured in one way or another by trudging through the mud and muck. We saw a pic of a friend's tractor buried almost to the top of the wheels in a HAY field. Gonna make buying extra winter hay and getting our own put up a serious problem.

Not good. The boss keeps getting started and then getting stopped by cruddy weather. Every time it rains all the pens and yards have to be hoed out, and the driveways leveled.

If we weren't farming I guess we could just whine about the golf course or something, but it sure is a pain in the neck, especially since elsewhere there is drought. I am waiting for the cows not to be muddy and to get all shiny and pretty like they do in the summer, but this year that time is slow in coming. They lie down and slap their tails and paint themselves with whatever that tail hits. Yay....well, have a good one.


Cathy said...

Good grief. Enough rain already!
Wishing you more rainbows than rain, my friend.
Love these pictures.
I had an iris like that.
One of my favorites.

ellie k said...

We are in the middle of the tropical storm here in Florida and I can tell you there is lots of rain in it. We have had rain, wind more rain. We are thankful as it has been very dry here. Our water table was very low. Wishing you the best and hope the rain let's up before it gets there.

Terry and Linda said...

Geez! Enough already...come on sunshine...It's Time already!


threecollie said...

Cathy, we had one normal year...2012..out of quite a string of them. Just too much rain. The iris was a gift from a friend last fall...all the more special to me because of that.

ellie k, I hope your water table drinks its fill. Ours, alas, is about on the

Linda, wishing this rain would go where it's needed, but I'm afraid it won't.