Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fried Green Tomatoes

Made for Liz yesterday. She buys fruit and veggies for both of us from an Amish friend who lives up her way. The lady picked her a pair of green tomatoes just for this treat and I made them up for her yesterday.

Liz is a great cook....all our kids cook...but she is so darned busy it is hard for her to find time. I do a lot of my work right here in the kitchen so the task fell my way.

They were really simple. One egg straight from her hens, whipped, tomato slices dipped, and then coated with Italian breadcrumbs Becky bought for making cheese puffs, then fried carefully in butter.


Hats off to the fruits of summer! Peaches, blueberries, cherries, and fried green tomatoes. Even as we speak I am awaiting my turn for a zucchetta, to be softly sauteed with onion and spices. Umm, umm, good. (The zucchetta patch is a community effort between Liz and myself and the boss who provided the spot to grow them.)

Summertime and the eating is easy!


lisa said...

Looks good! She cooked for us once and boy it sure was good! I wish we would of gotten somewhere and picked some fruit to put up! We did buy some sweet corn and put up 30 pints, I am getting tomatoes also, three bushels.

Floridacracker said...


Susan said...

Now my mouth is watering (really, it IS). Fried green tomatoes are one of my favorite meals. I say "meal" because I'll fry two tomatoes for myself, and that makes a big plate full. There's not room or any desire for accompaniments. My recipe is different than yours. I slice, dip in egg, then toss in "cornmeal mix." I deep fry in peanut oil...'cause it's non GMO. (I'm wondering if you have trouble with the butter burning.)


thepoodleanddogblog said...

I love fried green tomatoes and I'm always surprised at the numbers of people who have been deprived of this delight.

CDH said...

Never had green tomatoes. But that sure looks good.

Cathy said...

Um.. um .. . um . . .

There is nothing, except maybe fried spring morels, better than this. Nuthin.


Jeffro said...

LOVE fried green tomatoes!!!

threecollie said...

Lisa, you guys never fail to amaze me with all the work you do!

FC, mystery solved...

Susan, I cooked em slow while I worked on other things, because I wanted the flavor from the butter. I have no fear of GMOS atall.

Jan, such a loss! Deprivation indeed. I didn't like em much as a kid, but mom just used flour and didn't have the time to go slowly so they didn't brown too dark. I was writing right here next to the stove so I had lots of time.

CDH, an acquired taste I expect, but I have come to love them. Tangy and flavorful!

Cathy, never tried morels, but I sure love maters!

jeffro, ditto, we only have them a couple of times a year, but they sure don't go to waste.